The Most Popular Social Networking

1. Facebook- So I think that Facebook is one of the most used social media sites out there in our society today because so many people use Facebook to connect with family and friends that they don’t and can’t see as often.  Also you can Share mostly anything you want on there like news, your class projects just about anything within reason and even “Drama” if you wanted to.



2. Instagram- Instagram for me seems to be maybe the second because there is so        much that you can use it for. Like you can  share lots of photos and places where you have been and also sharing  your work  for future projects and maybe clients.




3. Twitter- It’s for mostly lots of people in the news scene and sharing and getting your work out there in order to get clients in making your business work.Twitter

4. Tumblr- Okay so I just became aware of this site and really enjoyed looking at all the different things to do here. You can view potential prospective works of different people’s work in creating new project in the future.Tumblr




5. YouTube- Is for lots of things and lots of different people. From someone doing tutorials on something they are doing and wanting to share, or for someone wanting to know more about cameras and the different lens and maybe printing machines.


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Press Release-Needs your Engagement

I learned what is engaging about me and what I have to offer to help people. Most importantly I learned how to not be afraid to post things that I wasn’t sure about. I learned not to be afraid of people engaging in what I post.  I’ve learned that I can do just about anything I want to do like doing non-profit organizations in need of showing off what they do and how they need help from everyone in our community in order to help people and animals in need.

I get to do a video starting in Spring of April 28th 2018  for The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. They will be having their 6th annual Meowgarita’s and Mutts fundraiser and I get to do their first ever video for this fundraiser. Here are some photos that I’ve taking so far and your input would be greatly appreciated. So please feel free to contact me on what you think. This Pit bull was adopted from California and this is what she looked like when in the humane society there and now look at her in her  beautiful home and hair!!! This is why I want to get into helping these animals that have no voice.



Here is a link to their Facebook

Here’s their website link

Here’s their Twitter link

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Self-Assessment – Social Media

So I’ve gained so much in being aware of all the social media sites out there and I know that there is more that I don’t even know about. Here’s one that I hadn’t known about and yet here I am today visiting it and being a part of because there is so much to gain from all that share on it.




Tumblr  has the ability to “consume content from 250 million other blogs on its platform.” It is good for posting text, photos, videos and links while allowing you to view blogs you follow. It’s really fascinating and has lots of celebrities  and show off your work that you’ve done in class.  You can show off all the videos and photos that you enjoy taking and your designs.


And then there are many different  and Here are some that I have the privilege of being on and getting what I need in being successful in my Photography and learning from many different people that have been in the business far longer than me.



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Future Social Media Apps and Recommendations

I would recommend people to all my videos and photos that I have done through my blog and Facebook page that feature my work that I have done also would have all the links to all my other sites. All the knowledge that I’ve experienced in college. I will exercise the social media sites I use and have learned about in school. I will use these sites daily with more and presenting my call to action of what is instore.

In recommending clients who want to see my photography. I can and will be introduce them to all my social media site such as my WordPress blog, my Weebly, Twitter, Instagram etc.… all that I’ve learned in the past two years will help me in going in the right direction to achieving my goal and help me in communicating with clients. Having an app brings your company to the next level as you will reach more people with multiple sources pf what you are doing. Work smarter not harder, consider current trends and adjust as trends do so very often.

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What kind of events interest you and your community of interest?

First off I’m very interested in photography and until I started college I haven’t really done any professional videos until now so I’m happy to say that I like doing videos for non-profit organizations and telling people to get involved in their community.  I have done a few in the the past and I’m doing one now again for the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society for their Spring fundraiser and am very excited in getting started on it and what the outcome has in store. So I haven’t had very much time in taking many photos here lately and I’m really happy to say that I have and will have many an opportunity in taking many more photos in the future because what better place to be than on the Olympic Peninsula  to do so.

For me getting involved and going out there in my community and by going out of my way in sharing things like my videos and  getting my stuff out there on different social media site and responding to others with the same interests!!!

I love taking photos of the animals in need of being mistreated and neglected in society today.  My interest is in getting people involved in the community they live in and telling them how and where to go for them to get involved. I really enjoyed doing a video in the fall of 2017 for a non-profit of “Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association” yeah I fell in the water trying to get in the 8 man rowing boat but hey if you can’t have fun in what you are doing then you shouldn’t being doing it. Here’s a link for anyone who wants to see the videos I did in the past. Her’s me getting wet!!! LOL

Here’s the last one of the Humane Society me and my classmates did.


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Perceptions of Social Media


How did your perception of social media’s benefit change in this class?

So for me my perception has grown so much with how and when I connect with people from all walks of life in many different social media sites. Facebook for me is to connect with my family and friends that I haven’t seen or can’t talk with on a regular basis. Twitter I really had no idea what the heck hash-tagging was until I started using it here in my media classes, so before I started school I wasn’t a fan of other social media sites except for Facebook and I really didn’t think that this social media was going to help me out.

I have then since decided that it is a very helpful tool in connecting me with the people in my community like doing videos for non-profit organizations such as the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society since I am now doing a video for their Spring fundraiser “Meowgaritas & Mutts” , also hopefully in the Spring I will be doing another video for the Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association. I did one for them back in fall quarter of 2017. Here it is for people who haven’t seen it.

So in this way I have grown in how my perception is on ways for me in getting what I want out of life and how I’m going to accomplish that.  I’ve set up profiles on many different social media site and a couple that I started using just a couple of months  ago  like Tumblr, Pinterest, Linken, and I have gotten a Blue Host account but haven’t had a chance to get my website set up yet. I’m really going to miss being in school and I really want to maybe stay.




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Storytelling with Social Media

Storytelling distinguishes the art of human communication in all cultures around the world. This art has been passed down through generations as myths, fables, and legends. Many of these tales have similar plots, settings, and characters, even in different regions around the world. Storytelling introduces the emotion of all human beings through compelling tales of wonder, mystery, adventure, and horror. Storytelling also develops higher level thinking skills and establishes social skills. Storytelling builds self-esteem and motivation because this skill allows the listeners to be actively involved in the story. Storytelling develops communication abilities, expands the imagination, and builds self-esteem.

The art of storytelling helps develop the skills that are necessary for effective public speaking. Through repetition of storytelling, storytellers discover the importance of sensational interpretation and clear expression. Storytelling will also enable storytellers to improve their communication abilities around other people, which include co-workers, friends, and family. Storytellers can improve their self-esteem because they will be able to feel more comfortable after telling stories to several audiences.  In today’s social media market, defining your brand by sharing your story is integral to creating a successful social media following and brand loyalty. Storytelling enhances communication skills that are necessary to interact with public audiences. Storytelling also expands listening skills that are essential to storytelling. Stories are able to stretch the creative imagination and attention span of the audience.

So I have to say that I do storytelling everyday in some form or another whether it is posting something on Facebook, or responding to my classmates blog it’s very important for me to just keep going.



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