Hello I’m Lois and I’m here learning the art of photography, I love taking pictures of anything and everything. I just recently lost my mother back on August 12,2016 and I thought that I was okay with her going home to our father! Well it’s like this I really don’t think that I will ever get over losing her but I pray everyday that it will get a little bit better. I also posted a link to give everyone a piece of what I’m going through, so I was on ‘Facebook’ last week and I noticed this video and while I was listening to it raining outside and to this beautiful song. I thought I heard my door open, It didn’t but while listening to it I was so sure that it was my mother letting me know hat she was still by my side! So this is what I posted on Facebook, OMG!!!! Mom I heard this just a minute ago and as it’s raining outside I thought I heard the door opening and you walking through it. No it wasn’t you but maybe your ‘Spirit’ I love and miss you so much and yes I’m jealous of the ‘Angels’ along with the video here’s the link. .