Blogging and ROI

Social media is a form of online communication channels devoted to society input, intercommunication, and cooperation. In social media, people can talk and interact without restriction, exchange and debate information with each other about their lives by using many different combinations of the words, personal multimedia, photos, and videos. Also, in social media, individuals and groups can create, edit, comment on, and engage in personal conversations.
There are numerous types of social media, for example, wikis, blogs, social network site, micro blogging services, and sites sharing media. At the beginning, social media was limited to a few networks sites, for instance, Bulletin Board System that allows people to communicate with each
Additionally, using social media in business can provide high quality content. In recent years some business has created content in social media site because customers want to read, write, exchange, and see which theme the company is focusing on. Therefore, business can create better content for their brand, and firms can build high brand awareness for their customers. Companies must create an attractive brand to be in a better position than their competitors to sell more products.
Here’s a guide I found on google on the Social Media Metrics, that I found very helpful in my search on defining my ROI
  1. Guide your content strategy. …
  2. Target the right demographic. …
  3. Measure the success of product launches, marketing campaigns or other new initiatives. …
  4. Add context to exposure or reach. …
  5. Measure growth and performance on specific social networks. …
  6. Find influencers or brand advocates.


Engagement measures how much and how often others interact with you and your content in social media. When someone takes the time to like, favorite or comment on something you’ve posted, they’re actively engaging with your content. Engagement metrics showcase audience action, which is important for social media health and growth.

A subset of engagement metrics are sharing metrics, which represent when people amplify your content. All of the major social networks allow users to share content whether it’s a retweet, share, reblog, repin, etc. Engagement metrics are important in highlighting the success of content, but depending on your goals, sharing metrics could be of higher value because they extend your content beyond your own audience, increasing its exposure.

How to Measure Engagement:

Every social network offers different engagement touch points, so each one will be measured differently. Here’s a breakdown of engagement metrics by platform:

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I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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