Week 8 Essay

Three movies that changed my life are;

My Sister’s Keeper (2009). This impacted me due to mark it left emotionally. I value my family and friends, I do. But this movie put into perspective how life can change in an instant and although having arguments with family members if inevitable we still need to love and care for each other because who knows what fate has stored around the corner. Cameron Diaz’s acting was splendid in this movie and made it worth watching.


Finding Dory (2017) as silly as it sounds, Finding Dory really captivated me. I watched it thinking how amazing the effects were, especially seeing as the whole film is animated. I thoroughly appreciated the time and effort that went into creating such a flawless feature as well as the fact the storyline was fantastic too. The writers knew they had to follow Finding Nemo and keep up the fantastic name the series holds. Makes me shiver to think if they had a virus in the editing room and lost all their hard working footage!


Erin Brochovich is a movie that is so inspiring to me because it’s a true story and is something that many people can take from this movie and that is that no matter where you came from or how you were brought up if you want something bad enough you can accomplish anything. What she does is something that I really want I want to help people and animals that can’t help themselves.

Albert Finney Movie (2000)


About myspiceinlife

I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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