Essay Week 2

In relationship to branding and transmedia, what are the key elements in storytelling that keep people engaged? Give an example in a different medium other than film that was successful at this.


Well I’m at awe in all the trans-media and branding has changed so much in all my years I haven’t really been that much of a fan on video games but I am very much addicted to all the Facebook games that they have!!!! I know that Branding is a part of what you want and how it is that you want to portray and what audience you want. I myself I want to be a great Photographer and now I’m in my Video classes and I really love getting my point a crossed to people in Photography and now I have been doing it in videos.

Especially being a clean freak and being O.C.D. I have edited and done lots of video’s on keeping my surroundings clean. I’m very passionate about animals and have done videos about feeding the Cats that have been abandoned on the Spit and I like to feed them and just to know that I can help in lots of ways So There is lots of Trans-media out there in getting people  involved or just telling a story in Drama movie, True life Movies. In Comic books and then transferring them to videos.

About myspiceinlife

I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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