So here is my  Mini Documentary Proposal and I really can’t wait in getting with all my classmates on doing this project. “The Sequim Irrigation Festival” I know that this has been the longest festival in the state of Washington. It was very exciting to be able to take part in getting others involved with what is going on in the surrounding areas of which they live in.


Donna Geer, Lois Spicer, Jack Cote                                                  05/27/2017

Directing & Production Documentary Proposal for Fall Quarter



Sequim Irrigation Festival



A five to ten-minute film that highlights the Sequim Irrigation Festival and the volunteers that support it.


Production Staff – need to decide what specific roles everyone should take on – all of them or split actions out.


Donna Geer

Directing, Producing, Writing, Filming, Editing


Lois Spicer

Directing, Producing, Writing, Filming, Editing


Jack Cote

Directing, Producing, Writing, Filming, Editing




Celebrate how the festival honors the past and still appeals to the future.  Recognition of how volunteers support the program and what it takes to make the festival happen.


Background & Need


The Sequim Irrigation Festival is the longest running festival in the state of Washington.  It just celebrated its 122nd year of celebrating the bringing of irrigation water to the dry prairie of Sequim, WA.  There’s a lot of different events that make up the ten-day festival and there’s a lot of volunteers that step up to make it happen.  We’re interested in what keeps people coming back year after year and how the festival can continue to honor the past while appealing to the future.


Approach, Form & Style


The film will explore the history of the festival and highlight some of the various accomplishments over the year, including the current events of today.  We will want to focus on some of the volunteers that put a lot of time and effort into this event.  Additional areas of focus would be specific events of the festival, exploration of why it’s so important to the town and what needs to happen to ensure it continues for another hundred years.






Production Schedule


May 2017

Initial Filming in Sequim of different festival events – complete


Sep 2017

Concept, development and writing


Sep 2017

Interviews of specific volunteers


Oct 2017



Dec 2017

Submission of Final Video



Budget – in kind donation to the festival


Hourly Rate Per Filmmaker $25

10 hours total filming x 3 = $750

15 hours total editing x 3 = $1125

5 hours travel time x 3 = $375

4 hours concept & development x 3 = $300

Total hourly charges = $2550


Miscellaneous Expenses

Travel meals $50 x 3 = $150

Lapel Mic and cord $20 x 3 = $60

32G Memory card $25 x 3 = $75

Camera batteries (already have)

Total Expenses = $285


Total Film Budget = $2835 – in kind donation to the festival organizers, so no charge












Audience, Marketing & Distribution


Our main focus will be to deliver one complete video product to Deron Kapetan, Festival Director and Renne Brock, Program Coordinator of Multi-Media at Peninsula College.  We will provide access to the video via YouTube.




Donna Geer is currently a full-time student at Peninsula College in pursuit of a degree in Multimedia Communications.  Previously, she worked at Boeing and numerous other companies (too many to list here), has a bachelor’s and a master’s in business, spent eight years in the Air Force Reserve and National Guard and has a certification in Life Coaching.  She wants to make a difference by supporting her community in meaningful ways.  She has been a volunteer for the Olympic Medical Center, Sequim, WA; Women’s Crisis Center in Ogden, UT; and a former board member of Camp Fire USA Snohomish County, Everett, WA.  Donna’s multimedia work is accessible at and


Lois Spicer is a full-time student at Peninsula College in the Multimedia Communications program.  She has been at Peninsula College for a year now and is enjoying all the knowledge of Multimedia Communications.  She has worked in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro, and Aftereffects.  She wants to make a change in her community here in Port Angeles Washington and in Sequim WA. Anyone wanting to see her work the can do so at  and


Jack Cote – add bio.




Release forms will be required for all individuals appearing in our film.





About myspiceinlife

I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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