Video Sampler Scavenger Hunt #9 – Extreme Close Up & Close Up Shot

An extreme long shot is a shot that allows you to create compositions to emphasize the range of a location. On the   Extreme close-ups restrict the amount of visible information on a subject or that of the aspect of a single subject. There are Compositional guideline a few of them are the rule of thirds and balanced and unbalanced. Also the wide angle lens are used to benefit the extreme long shots. Because it provides a wider  field of view it also exaggerates the depth of a frame along the z axis. This extreme long shot has been around since the 1800s.


About myspiceinlife

I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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