Week 2 Essay

This first documentary that inspire me was this one about a killer whale attack. I saw this after watching Blackfish. This was very educational for me. The way that killer whales are intelligent and strategic in their attack. This was all a learning opportunity for the killer whale babies. I did not know that they were really killers. Of course they have to eat fish and seals, but I never knew that they eat other big whales. This made me see killer whales differently. It is nature and it is life but it is heat wrenching. On the other hand, the way that the gray whales (the mother and the baby) their bond was so strong and the attack happened on Mother’s Day. The bond between a mother and baby is not just an instinct between humans. It amazing to think that they were able to get away.

This documentary about three artist, Ashton Kutcher, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Eminem. This was inspiring to me because Ashton Kutcher is such a down to earth guy. He talked about three things to living life are opportunity, be sexy/smart, and living life. I also learned that his real name isn’t Ashton his real name is Chris and Ashton is just his middle name. Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of Green Day and the song “When September Ends” was inspired by the death of his dad and the song relates to 7 years after his dad died and the last verse of the song reflect that. It was all written from his life experiences and emotions. It’s Eminem is basically the same, he raps about his life experiences and how he was bullied.


Another inspiring documentary is Blackfish. This is inspiring to know that this was a BIG controversy around the world that these creatures are held in captivity for our enjoyment. They are not meant to entertain us they were created to life their lives. Another part is that after being held captive they were deprived of food to make them do what the trainers want them to do. It is inspiring to me because I would like to be able to be their voice.

About myspiceinlife

I just moved to Port Angeles about a year and a half ago form Spokane. I'm starting my journey in Photography in Multimedia and I haven't been in school for about 30 years. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be going back to school. I just love being in school.
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